Our Aim  is to share the Gospel, build up the Church and serve the Community.

Inwards, we need God's Spirit to continue shaping us in the love and likeness of Jesus, then Outwards, we will be motivated to love, reach and serve others as He did, and together by listening deeply to His voice we will be able to follow as He leads us Onwards.

What we believe

We were all created by a loving God, who wants to have a good relationship with us. As Christians we believe that the best way to enjoy this is through faith in Jesus, God’s Son.    That’s why our main activity is the weekly service of worship - on Sundays at 10:30am. It’s open to everyone and we invite you to come and join us.
We don’t pretend to be better than anyone else, but we are keen to share what we have discovered.

Our history 
Slateford Longstone Church is a parish church, part of the Church of Scotland (A Reformed Presbyterian denomination). Our roots go back to 1782 when we were in the old village of Slateford.We have been in the present building since 1955.    We work in partnership in a number of projects with other local congregations, including the Church of Scotland ones - St David’s Broomhouse, St Nicholas Sighthill and with Stenhouse: Saint Salvador & Saint Davids.


We are in a state of growth and moving towards a union with St Nicholas Church, Sighthill seeking to buck the depressing trend of decline by becoming One Garden, Two Trees.   

The Two Trees represent two worshipping communities, one in Sighthill and one in Longstone.     Based on the Parable of the Fig Tree in Luke 13 we are not shy of the spade work needed to renew our roots to become fruitful where we are.   

More of this is in our Vision and in our Future


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